September 26, 2022
Dragon Oil Jobs

Dragon Oil Jobs

Dragon Oil Jobs


Night Drilling Supervisor (Offshore)

Driver II

Senior Construction Supervisor / Trainer & Mentor (Offshore)

NDT Technician II (Offshore)

Senior Construction Supervisor

Construction Supervisor I

Fire Officer II

Senior Barge Coorindator

HSE Training Officer I

Senior Completion Engineer II

Fire Safety Engineer II

Senior A& D Engineer I

Senior Well Intervention Engineer

Senior Well Intervention Engineer

Drilling Engineer IV

Rig Fixer I

Scaffolder II

Scaffolder II

Coxswain Driver II                                                                                                                                                 

Mechanic I

Senior Offshore Maintenance Supervisor (Offshore)

Production Operator III

E&I Inspection Engineer II

Senior Well Intervention Supervisor (Offshore)

Process General Manager

Well Intervention Supervisor

Process Engineer I

Senior Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls Engineer II

Offshore Production General Manager                                                                                                                                    

Offshore Electrical Supervisor I

Field Structural Integrity Engineer I

Structural Civil Engineer II

Engineering & Integrity General Manager

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Dragon Oil Jobs
Dragon Oil Jobs

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