December 4, 2022

Free cloud server hosting | Free Cloud Server Hosts

WordPress is considered one of the most popular blogging tools nowadays. You can blog whatever you want to use WordPress as your platform. There are many free blogging tools available online such as Blogger, WordPress Express, etc. However, many users find blogging difficult because of its complicated design and features. The cloud free web hosting plans provide great features and functionalities that cannot be found in other free blogging tools. Here are some of the benefits that you can get with free cloud server hosting plans:

Easy To Install And Use: WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to install and use on the internet. There is no complicated set up required. Free cloud vps hosts provide very easy and hassle free way to install and use WordPress on your website. One thing that you need to check is that the host provides administrative account. Some of them only provide basic account but that can be easily configured by the user.

Great Performance: If you compare the performance of Linux based server with windows based server then you will surely find a large difference. The price free upload webhosting plan gives high performance and excellent reliability. It is one of the fastest growing blogging platform that provides great functionalities with a large community. The applications such as word press & blog templates, plug-ins, unlimited themes, amazing visual editor, unlimited social networking and much more make it a sought after web platform. There is absolutely no limitation to what you can do with WordPress.

Support Time: As per usual, there are problems with Linux hosting but not with the cloud based web hosting. They respond at the blink of an eye at any problem. They offer round the clock support for both common problems as well as complex problems. Thus the cloud and is hosting has won many hearts because of these features.

Unlimited Custom Domain Names: Another major plus point of using up cloud servers over windows based hosting is that you can easily create your own custom domain name. This means that you can easily differentiate your business from others in a crowd. You can build a custom domain name with your own name, description and keywords. This feature is not available with windows based hosting which limits your freedom of choosing a unique domain name.

Great Technical Support: Many people think that if they are not having any technical problems with the server then it is worth opting for the free webhosting services. But this is not always true. Often time’s technical support team is not available on weekends or on holidays. The technical support team should be available at regular time slots. In case of cloud cloud servers you can have full access to the server’s resources for any problem irrespective of the time.

Cost Advantage: Most of us know that windows based server costs much more than the Linux cloud vps. We have no idea about the differences between windows and Linux. When we use windows hosting we use our whole hard disk space whereas in Linux we use only around 50% of the total disk space. This means that in case you need extra disk space then you would need to upgrade the windows version or you need to buy other software. In case of Linux cloud vps the cost involved is almost nothing when compared to windows hosting.

Free Viewernet Bandwidth: Another major advantage that comes with using free cloud server plan over paid plans is that you can avail free viewernet bandwidth. With this service you get unlimited bandwidth. This enables you to upload videos, pictures and audio clips online. There are many times when you may want to create a site for your business but it requires a lot of Ram and this service will help you upload any sort of file irrespective of the size.


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