December 3, 2022
Methanex Worldwide Jobs

Methanex Worldwide Jobs

We’re happy to announce the launch of Methanex Egypt’s Graduate Program!
Opportunities are available in Manufacturing functions, HR, Finance, Public Affairs and Procurement.

Graduate, Human Resources                                                  Egypt

Graduate, EIC Maintenance                                                     Egypt

Graduate, Process Safety Management                             Egypt

Graduate, Public Affairs                                                             Egypt

Graduate, Mechanical Maintenance                                    Egypt

Graduate, Site Safety/Emergency Response                    Egypt

Graduate, Procurement                                                            Egypt

Graduate, Maintenance Planning                                          Egypt

Graduate, Finance                                                                       Egypt

Graduate, Process Engineering                                              Egypt

Graduate, Operations                                                                Egypt

Engineer, Rotating Equipment Maintenance                    Egypt

Process Engineer                                                                          Egypt

Marine Operator                                                                          Canada – Vancouver

Manager, Treasury & Corporate Finance                            Canada – Vancouver

Internal Auditor                                                                            Canada – Vancouver

Commercial Analyst                                                                     Canada – Vancouver

Stakeholder Relations Assistant                                             USA – Geismar

Operations Superintendent / Assistant Manager           USA – Geismar

Human Resources Assistant                                                     USA – Geismar

Mechanical Engineer                                                                   USA – Geismar

Millwright                                                                                        USA – Geismar

I&E Technician                                                                               USA – Geismar

Business Systems Analyst                                                         USA – Geismar

IT Manufacturing Systems Analyst                                        USA – Geismar

Service Desk Analyst                                                                   USA – Geismar

Senior Mechanical Inspector                                                   USA – Geismar

Senior Process Engineer                                                            USA – Geismar

Process Engineer                                                                          USA – Geismar

Instrument & Electrical Engineer                                            USA – Geismar

Summer Intern – Assistant Instrument Engineer             New Zealand

Summer Intern – Assistant Development Engineer        New Zealand

Summer Intern – Process Safety Incident Analyst           New Zealand

Summer Intern – Drawing Office Assistant                         New Zealand

Summer Intern – Assistant Process Engineer                    New Zealand

Summer Intern – Assistant Electrical Engineer                  New Zealand

Summer Intern – Assistant Chemist                                      New Zealand

Summer Intern – Assistant Mechanical Engineer             New Zealand

Accountant, Regulatory Compliance                                    Belgium

Customer Supply Specialist                                                      Belgium

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